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'The Hangover' For College Kids: New '21 And Over' Trailer

In 2009, Bradley Cooper, Zac Galifinakis, and Ed Helms starred in The Hangover as thirty-somethings looking to have a good time before their buddy’s wedding only to lose the groom-to-be in a night of drunken debauchery. Now, in 2012, The Hangover writers, John Lucas and Scott Moore, tell a similar story called 21 and Over starring  Miles Teller, Justin Chon, and Skylar Astin. These three co-eds embark on their own Hangover’esque journey, but as twenty-somethings trying to get their friend to a med school interview (instead of his own wedding). Teller and Astin play Miller and Casey, high school buddies coming to surprise their other, more studious friend, Jeff Chang (played by Chon) and take him out for a much deserved drink to celebrate 21st birthday. The duo arrive on the eve of Chang’s big 2-1 to find out he has an 8am medical school interview, arranged by his omnipresent Tiger Dad, played by Francois Chau.

As you can expect, one drink somehow turns into a night of alcohol induced madness, complete with body shots, police run-ins, and bull riding. It’s no surprise that Project X veteran Miles Teller was a top choice to play a lead in a new movie of the same vein. In Project X, Teller played a too-cool-for-high-school soccer star, but this time will play a frat-tastic average joe – both roles sufficiently peppered with just the right amount of douche-y attitude. Chon also seems to be the right choice for Jeff Chang, the super smart pre-med Asian stereotype. The actor is probably ready for fame beyond the Twilight saga, where he also played a stereotypical Asian student. Skylar Astin also seems to be an ideal choice. Astin has solid acting momentum, with his minor part on HBO’s Girls and was most recently featured in two new hit movies, Wreck-It Ralph and Pitch Perfect. 

Like we’ve seen many times before with movies like The Hangover, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, Superbad, and Project X, 21 and Over will likely be a ridiculous and over the top night of substance abuse that causes the main characters to have some sort of self discovery amidst the absurdity. In true cliched fashion, everything will somehow end up just fine and the three friends will be brought closer than ever. While nothing new, 21 And Over looks like it will be a wild ride and sure to bring on the laughs, as well as a few awkward cringes.

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