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'A Young Doctor's Notebook': Harry Potter, Don Draper, And A Loofah

Imagine this: Don Draper’s head emerges from underwater in a bathtub. The camera pans out and reveals that he’s facing Harry Potter in that same rusty tub. Potter then looks at Draper and says “please pass the loofah.” Draper then fishes around the tub and passes a large brown loofah to Potter across the tub…

“Please pass the loofah”

It sounds like one of my wildest dreams come true (or the plot of a really weird porno), but it’s actually the opening scene for a new British miniseries, A Young Doctor’s NotebookDaniel Radcliffe, known for growing up in the public eye from being an actor in Harry Potter, plays young Dr. Vladimir Bomgard living in pre-Revolutionary Russia. While John Hamm, most famous for his role as the womanizing ad man Don Draper in AMC’s Mad Men, plays an older version of Dr. Bomgard living in Russia post-WWII.

The new 4-part British miniseries, A Young Doctor’s Notebook, is based on a series of semi-autobiographical Russian short stories written by Mikhail Bulgakov. According to, A Young Doctor’s Notebook will air in the UK this December 6th, but no air date has been set for the US…yet.


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