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Actor Gary Dourdan’s Troubles Continue; Files for Bankruptcy

Troubled actor and former CSI star Gary Dourdan has filed for bankruptcy, according to TMZ.

For 8 years, Dourdan played analyst Warrick Brown on the popular CBS series, raking in six figures per episode by the end of his run. Now, reports allege the CSI star, 45, has roughly $1.8 million in assets, but debts of $1,689,704. In comes the bankruptcy.

The August Chapter 11 filing reveals that a large chunk of Dourdan’s debt is owed to banks, including Union Bank, which holds the mortgage on his home.

Dourdan claims in court documents he earns $14,883 a month, but his bills average $14,562 a month, leaving him little disposable income.

Court documents also list Dourdan’s other assets, which include $3,000 in a bank account, $4,000 in furniture, $200 worth of books, $1,500 in clothes, $500 in watches, $200 in cash and a $7,000 2006 Dodge Charger.

Dourdan’s bankruptcy filing will protect him from creditors while he determines a path back to financial stability. The same day as the filing, Dourdan also filed an injunction to prevent the bank from placing his home up for auction.

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