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‘James Bond Skyfall’ Has Huge Opening in Friday Box Office

James Bond Skyfall” dominated the Friday box office and is projected to be the most successful James Bond flick of all time. “Skyfall” earned $30.8 million on Friday, the highest Friday gross for a Bond film. “Quantum Solace” originally held that record at $27 million, 14 percent less than “Skyfall”. According to USA Today, the movie is expected to pull $80 million this weekend. The film has earned $354 million internationally and if analyst’s projections are right, it could outperform “Casino Royale,” which earned $594 million worldwide.

“Skyfall” also has overwhelmingly positive reviews on its side. According to Rotten Tomatoes, it received a positive rating from 92 percent of critics and movie audiences gave it a 91 percent. The movie was even dubbed the best Bond movie ever by Sir Roger Moore, who starred in seven Bond films from 1973 to 1985.

“If I had not finished this book three or so months before it went to print, I would write another chapter, because I would have seen Skyfall, and having seen Skyfall, in my opinion it is the best, best Bond of all – and Daniel Craig, I am full of admiration for him,” Moore told People Magazine.

David Mumpower of Box Office Prophet thinks “Skyfall” proves how entrenched James Bond is in American culture. “The last two weeks, culminating with Friday’s North American box office, have removed all doubt about the drawing power of 007,” Mumpower wrote.

In addition to creating crowded theatres, “Skyfall” has aided in the creation of a playful rivalry. CNN host Wolf Blitzer appeared in “Skyfall” as himself. Ironically Piers Morgan, another CNN host, appeared in “Flight,” which came out last week. Morgan joked about a rivalry on his Twitter page. “So, I’m in the new Denzel movie #Flight and @wolfblitzer ‘s in the new Bond movie #Skyfall – both out this week. This is… #CNNthespianwar,”Morgan tweeted.

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