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'Warm Bodies' Trailer Looks Bizarrely Not Awful

Warm Bodies was not on my radar. At all. I’ve had my fill of supernatural romance YA stories. But this trailer… this trailer has made me reconsider. The movie stars Nicholas Hoult as R, a zombie unliving in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Zombies apparently retain some mental function in this universe, and R falls in love with a living girl, Julie (Teresa Palmer) as soon as he sees her. Which somehow makes him begin to come back to life. Despite the fact that this description seems designed to make horror fans vomit in apoplexy (much like the mechanics of vampirism in Twilight), the tone of this trailer wins me over. It’s funny, for one thing, and looks much closer to the sensibilities of Zombieland than any moony lovey-dovey stuff written as fantasy bait for teenagers. Which is probably attributable to director Jonathan Levine, whom you might know for 50/50.

Warm Bodies will be released February 1st, 2013. Watch the trailer at CinemaBlend.

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