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We Have a Trailer for 'The Grandmasters'!

It’s seriously been five years since we had a Wong Kar-Wai film? That’s just wrong. The Hong Kong auteur has been taking his sweet time finishing up The Grandmasters, which will finally be opening in December… in China. The rest of us will wait until sometime next year, and hopefully not any longer.

Wong is such a fantastic director that I don’t even care that this film is something like the bazillionth telling of the Ip Man story. Ip Man, in case you were unaware, was a Wing Chun grandmaster who had numerous famous students, including a guy you may have heard of named Bruce Lee. Frequent Wong collaborator Tony Leung will play Ip Man, and Zhang Ziyi is in the film as well. Three movies based on Ip Man’s life have come out since 2008.

And yet Wong’s addition doesn’t feel like oversaturation, simply because the man’s vision is so singular. Just look at this video. It’s in non-subtitled Chinese, and I don’t even care. The movie looks gorgeous. It also looks like a drastic departure from Wong’s previous work. He hasn’t done an action film before, but it looks like he’s had no trouble making the transition.

Check out the trailer below, and have your eye’s butts kicked. I want this movie so much.

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