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Montell Jordan: Praise and Worship Is How He Does It These Days

The man who wrote and performed some of the biggest R&B hits in history is now performing on a different kind of stage. Former music star Montell Jordan is now the worship leader at Victory World Church in Norcross.

“I thought, what will people say about me when I’m gone? Montell Jordan died. Oh, that’s the guy who did This Is How We Do It. I don’t want that. It’s not enough for me,” said Jordan.

Jordan knows that when you hear his name you think of his 1995 single, This Is How We Do It. The song was a monster number one hit.

“I can’t say I knew it was going be so big, but I knew it was going be big,” said Jorda.

But behind the scenes, Jordan says he was struggling.

“I’d hear guys say, oh, thanks for that song. Got a lot of girls to your song, or, I did this to your song. That’s what I led them to. And that’s what I have to be accountable for,” Jordan said.

Jordan says all along, he was a church kid at heart. So one day, in the sanctuary at Victory World Church in Norcoss, he stood up and told his story, laying all those men from the music videos to rest.”

“The beauty of what happened to me when I went into ministry, that happened to me on January first of 2011, the day when I laid the previous lifestyle down, is that all those personalities died on that day, and I just became one Montell Jordan.”

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