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The Thick, Beautiful AT&T Nokia Lumia 920

With the Nokia Lumia 920 we’ve been promised a hero device for Windows Phone 8, and indeed it has been defended several time before its release by Nokia and Microsoft – in so many words. But is Nokia’s Nokia’s brand power enough to make us believe the hype? This is supposed to be a “fundamental shift” right along with the wave of Windows 8 touchscreen devices that are currently on their way to retail stores and homes right this minute – is it time for Nokia to shine?

The Nokia Lumia 920 is almost exactly the same device here on AT&T that it is internationally, close enough that you’ll see some reviews just titling their articles “Nokia Lumia 920″ without the AT&T note. Because of this, Nokia wins serious points for keeping their industrial design standard at least here with this device. The Lumia 920 is a monster of a handset, certainly not paper-light the way its competition is, and not making any qualms about being thick, either – but it is rather beautiful

Just as you’ll see me mention later in the review regarding the software on this device, I must note that, used in a world without competing devices in my backpack here to compare to, this machine is amazing. As it stands, the competition will not let go of our subconscious: the advertisements for the iPhone 5, theGalaxy S III, and the whole DROID RAZR family (on Verizon, in this case) are present in our visual environment without end. The two items you’re adopting here instead of…

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