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Eddie Murphy Flaunts New Girlfriend Paige Butcher At TV Tribute

Eddie Murphy brought along his new girlfriend Paige Butcher to the special tribute in his honor and openly flirted with the young blond while cameras snapped away.

Murphy was smiling ear to ear when he arrived at the TV tribute, but the smile was probably more so caused by his new girlfriend than the special event.

The comedian is almost a full 20-years-older than the Australian model who is only 33.

The 51-year-old couldn’t keep his hands off his new boo as she was dressed in a skin tight blue dress that showed off the amazing figure that had her whisked away into stardom in the first place.

Needless to say, spectators can’t help but wonder what the real intentions behind the relationship is considering the fact that the model has only appeared to have a thing for men with big bank accounts.

Russell Simmons and Tyson Beckford were also involved with the petite Aussie at one point.

The “Big Momma’s House 2” actress actually seemed to shy away from too much media attention, however, and backed away whenever it was time for Eddie to give a quick interview on the red carpet.

Instead of remaining beside her man in view of the cameras, the young model moved to the side out of the view of the press and waiting for the attention to die down.

The Eddie Murphy: One Night Only special wouldn’t be complete of course without the help of several other big name comedians… or big belly comedians in some cases.

Tracy Morgan took the stage in a hilarious get up that exposed the short comedian’s rather large belly. The red leather get up had the crowd immediately erupting in laughter while Morgan went on as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

During his tribute, Morgan called the Shrek voice actor his “comic hero” and went on to explain how much he was inspired by him.

“He set the tone for the whole industry a long time ago,” said the Death at a Funeral actor. “He inspired me in a fearless way.”

With Adam Sandler, Arsenio Hall, Russell Brand, Jamie Foxx, and Eddie’s younger brother Charlie Murphy all in attendance as well the night was filled with laughter as the funny men delivered some of their best jokes on stage but still reminded the man of the night just how much he did for the industry.

Sandler referred to his comedy show “Delirious” as “one of the most legendary standup specials of all time.”

“Everybody on the planet wanted to be Eddie,” the I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry actor said. “He funnier than us. He’s cooler than any of us.”

Even Samuel L. Jackson got in on the comedy of the night and delivered a heartfelt, but witty speech that received quite a few laughs.

The best moment of the night, however, was when the 51-year-old joined Stevie Wonder for a duet, singing a special rendition of Wonder’s hit song from 1973 “Higher Ground.”

Although the night was all about having fun and enjoying comedy, the heart felt speeches truly touched Murphy even though he didn’t expect it.

“I am very, very bitter man,” the Nutty Professor star explained. “I don’t get touched easily, and I am really touched.”

Before the tribute the award winning actor revealed that he is now retired and will only make rare, special appearances when needed.

“I’m just a retired old song and dance man,” Paige’s new boyfriend said. “That’s what you do when you’re retired: You come out every now and then and talk about the old days.”

After the tribute, the comedy icon stated that although he appreciated the night in his honor, he was a bit tired of hearing about himself and was “Eddied out” for the evening.


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