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Beverly Bond Talks Black Girl Rock

The seventh annual Black Girls Rock! awards show, a celebration of the talents and achievements of women of color, will air Sunday, Nov. 4, on BET. Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina King are co-hosting, and honorees include Alicia Keys, Kerry Washington and Dionne Warwick. There will be performances by Keyshia Cole, Brandy, Ciara, Missy Elliot and more.

Beverly Bond, creator of the event, spoke with The Root DC about the growth of Black Girls Rock! and overcoming skepticism in the DJing industry. Here is our edited Q&A.

What was the inspiration behind Black Girls Rock!?

I started Black Girls Rock!, Inc. in 2006, but we’ve been doing the award show for much longer. I was inspired because to me, the message to women of color was imbalanced; there weren’t enough role models for women to look up to. It was something that I felt was long overdue, for black women, women of all backgrounds, to have something promoting positivity. When you start something, and you really believe in your mission, there is no obstacle too great for you to overcome.

I know this sounds cliché, but if you believe it, you can achieve it. With every dime that I had, I started the mentoring program. I just really worked to make sure that the movement spread. BET has come on board and put their weight and power behind this movement, and thanks to their support it has now gone worldwide.

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