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Troubled Former LSU Star Tyrann Mathieu Moves to South Florida

Former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu speaks to Atlantic High football players at their practice in Delray Beach on Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012. (Photo courtesy Atlantic High)Tyrann Mathieu, the former troubled LSU star cornerback, has moved to South Florida with the family of Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson, his former LSU teammate and close friend, to decide what is next for his future.

“He wanted to get away from the madness in Baton Rouge,” said Pat Lawler, a Boca Raton lawyer and agent for Galaxy Sports told Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post. “His mindset is to deal with his problems and get his life in order. He and his family are looking at getting Tyrann back together.”

Mathieu’s career began to spiral out of control when he was dismissed from the Tigers in August for failing multiple drug tests. He returned to LSU as a student, but was arrested along with three others last week on charges of marijuana possession.

Mathieu made his first attempt to get his life headed in the right direction by speaking to Atlantic High football players for about 10 minutes after their practice in Delray Beach on Thursday.

Lawler, who is a LSU graduate, set up the appearance made by Mathieu with a phone call to Atlantic assistant coach Eddie Giersbrook, a former classmate at LSU. Lawler learned that Mathieu wanted to speak to players while staying in Broward County with the Peterson family.

Mathieu’s appearance came as a surprise to the young men, but he gave inspiring words to them.

“I think it was cool. I had never seen him in person,” Atlantic senior Brisly Estime said. “He told us to just work hard and stay in school. He said he made a lot of mistakes, but he stayed positive.”

The 2011 Heisman Trophy finalist, has yet to sign with an agent or declare for the upcoming NFL Draft, but plans to keep training locally if decides to enter the draft.

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11 thoughts on “Troubled Former LSU Star Tyrann Mathieu Moves to South Florida

  1. Carl Jordan says:

    He'll be trying to sell the kids on that team pot inside of a month. What a loser…

  2. does anybody really want this guy. arrested once ok, but a second time. now he's a loser. but some college will find a way to get him eligible to play.

  3. Cal Tecke says:

    what the hell is he going to say that anybody wants to hear? he should be talking to himself and setting his ass straight.

  4. D Beth Dixon says:

    He told them to work hard and stay in school, but when did he state to stay out of trouble and especially stay away from DRUGS! what a waste.

  5. thank you LSU family and Patrick Peterson for not giving up on Mathieu. I want to see his success movie one day.

  6. Scott Mallett says:

    What he should be doing is keeping his head down and his butt out of trouble. How ludicrous is it to give a speech to high school kids two weeks after getting arrested?

  7. Anonymous says:

    He's as dumb as a sack of hammers. What do you expect of him? He smokes dope and plays ball. That's the extent of his "skill set."

  8. If my child was on that team, I would raise pure hell if the coach allowed this idiot to talk to my child without my consent!

  9. Then you Sir dont understand what the coach was doing. The coach brought in an example of a player who is probably more talented than all the players on that team. He showed them that no matter how much talent you have, it can all be taken away from you from a few bad decisions.

  10. he has only been arrested once

  11. Jeff Smith says:

    You're a stupid-ass mud shark.

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