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Basketball Wives L.A Firing Rumors Spark Reaction From Gloria Govan

Basketball Wives L.A was certainly in for a make over as rumors sparked that four of the six wives were to be fired, and although VH1 promises that this isn’t sure Gloria Govan isn’t convinced.

Just a few days ago TMZ broke the news that the Basketball Wives L.A cast was fired for not showing enough of their private lives on television.

The “fired” reality stars were rumored to be Laura Govan, Malaysia Pargo, Brooke Bailey, and of course Gloria Govan.

According to the celebrity gossip site, the producers of the show were fed up with the ladies not letting cameras film every aspect of their lives.

Gloria may have been the one to push the envelope too far, however, when she ran off to Vegas and tied the knot with L.A Clippers star Matt Barnes without telling producers.

Supposedly, the producers found this to be extremely disrespectful and decided to start fresh for the new season of the reality show with some ladies who would be more willing to expose their entire lives with no secrets being held off camera.

According to VH1, however, nobody is getting fired… well maybe.

After rumors hit an all time high VH1 posted on their blog saying, “The time has come to set the record straight. We can officially tell you all that despite the widespread reports, none of them are true. There have been absolutely no casting decisions made regarding the next season of the show.”

Seems a little fishy….

Although the public announcement was meant to be assuring to all the Basketball Wives in question, it only seemed to fuel the rumors even more.

The show only admitted that no casting decisions have been made for the next season but never promised that all the ladies would be returning.

Also, it took the network quite some time to release the statement which brings up the question as to why they didn’t address the rumors earlier.

Gloria Govan, who also was relatively unimpressed with the public statement, thinks she has the network all figured out.

The method to the madness is to get all the drama causing ladies to show up for the reunion special before letting them know that they’re fired.

Govan especially feels betrayed and believes that VH1 is simply letting her go because her NBA husband didn’t want to be a part of the show – and for good reason. We all saw what reality television did to Khloe Kardashian’s boo Lamar Odom.

The reality starlet even went on to admit that she was well aware the show would be pissed with her for not letting camera crews accompany her at her wedding over the summer.

Although she said she is still trying to decide if she will attend the reunion special or not, she did drop a few hints that she probably won’t be making that final appearance.

In other words, she isn’t going to get on national television to put even more of her life out in the public eye when the network is planning on dropping her anyway.

VH1 aren’t the only ones who are on Govan’s hit list either.

Matt Barnes’ protective wife also made it clear that she’s ready to get down and dirty if she sees NBA commissioner David Stern on the streets after he suspended her new husband for the season opener.

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