Gerard Butler To Play Ukrainian Nikolai Trusevich In 'Dynamo'

It appears that Gerard Butler made a good impression when he played a retired soccer player in the upcoming film, Playing for Keeps. Butler has been called upon to return to the soccer field for a lead in role in Dynamo, a drama based on Andy Dougan’s book Dynamo: Defending the Honor Of Kievby.”

The book chronicles a historical soccer match during World War II between the Ukrainian and Nazi Party soccer teams. The Nazi occupied Ukraine at this time, and in an effort to show their Aryan Superiority they assembled a team of elite German soccer players.

Butler will be playing the team’s goalie, Nikolai Trusevich. The athlete was appointed to be the leader of the Ukrainian team, inspiring them to rise up when it was critically important.

Dynamo is set In 1942 at the center point of World War II. An extraordinary event took place not on the battlefield but in a municipal stadium in Kiev. This is a true story of courage, team loyalty and fortitude in the face of brutal oppression.

Eli Richbourgh will be adapting the screenplay and Beau Flynn and Jermy Garelick will produce. Dynamo is setting up production in Europe to begin filming in 2013.


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