Chris Brown's Mother Taking Sides In Rihanna, Karrueche Tran Battle?

Chris Brown’s mother Joyce Hawkins has planted herself in the middle of Karrueche Tran and Rihanna’s battle for her son. While it’s obvious that both Rihanna and Karrueche want to play this game until someone gets hurt, Ms. Hawkins appears to want to help move the process along.

Brown’s mother Joyce Hawkins was seen with Rihanna on Friday night after having dinner. The appearance can safely be interpreted as her endorsement of RihRih over Tran. Chris Brown dated Karrueche for two years yet the photos of the duo enjoying breakfast, lunch and/or dinner are non-existent…especially with the advent of Instagram and Twitter.

According to one source who witness Rihanna and her ex-boyfriend’s mother together, “They were laughing the entire time, talking about the old days and talking about her music and Chris’ music – – they had a bomb time. They kicked it like young girlfriends. I know Joyce gave her [some] advice about Chris and told [her] Chris loves her so much.”

Meanwhile the “Yeah 3x” singer is keeping his options open after he and Tran were spotted at the same Halloween party on Sunday at West Hollywood’s Greystone Manor. The pair reportedly arrived and left in separate vehicles.

In addition to Ms. Hawkins approval, her father’s approval, Rihanna can now count her pastor Bishop Vibert Lowe in her corner as well. The Bishop recently told UK’s Now magazine, “She’s a woman and she’ll know what’s best for her. I believe she really loves the man. If she thinks she should get back with him then it’s up to her. I don’t want to make a judgment of her.

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