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Google, Samsung End Speculation, Unveil Nexus 10 Large Tablet

After years of 10-inch Android tablets that have failed to make a meaningful dent in Apple’s market-defining iPad sales, Google has taken matters into its own hands. With the new Nexus 10, the company behind the Android OS is finally pushing a large-sized tablet of its own, albeit one produced in collaboration with Samsung.

So now that the device has been unveiled, how will it stack up against the new fourth-gen iPad? And how about Microsoft’s Surface tablet, which seeks to add a bit of PC flavor to the tablet world? The competition won’t be easy, and Google knows that.

One major weakness for Android thus far has been a lack of tablet-optimized apps. To remedy this, Google is making a major push to get more of these apps from developers. But just how much the dev community is listening remains to be seen. Microsoft’s Windows 8 RT operating system has even fewer tablet-optimized apps. Future versions of the Surface tablet will be able to run traditional PC apps, but it’s unclear whether or not consumers want a keyboard-and-mouse desktop experience on a touch-friendly tablet. Regardless, for now, iOS still clearly dominates in terms of number of tablet-specific apps.

We got our hands on the Nexus 10 earlier today, and there is plenty of testing to be done…

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