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George Clooney Assembling All-Star Cast for 'The Monuments Men'

A recently published article from Deadline has claimed George Clooney is assembling quite the cast for his upcoming film The Monuments Men.

George Clooney will be getting back in the director’s chair come the beginning of March next year, to direct the likes of Daniel Craig, Bill Murray and Cate Blanchett, just to name a few.  Last year’s Oscar winner for Best Actor, Jean Dujardin, will also be among his ranks, as will the always versatile and employable John Goodman.

The Monuments Men is set to be a World War II drama (because there’s never enough of those) following the final chapter of Germany’s rule in Europe.  Specifically, it will follow a band of art historians and museum curators as they unite to recover renown works of art stolen by the Nazis. The project was penned by Clooney himself, along with writing partner Grant Heslov. Heslov also aided Clooney in the writing of last year’s The Ides of March and the much more reputable Good Night, and Good Luck.

With the names mentioned, The Monuments Men has great potential to be a success. However, in Clooney’s last directed film – The Ides of March – he called upon such talents as Ryan Gosling, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Marisa Tomei, Jeffrey Wright and Paul Giamatti, and still failed to generate much buzz and publicity. While the film did garner the minimum amount of attention from critics, it seems to have been forgotten by the general audience of filmgoers.

As previously stated, The Monuments Men is scheduled to begin production on March 1 next Spring. It’s hard to imagine that any more stars will be able to fit into this film, but we’re sure George Clooney is the man able to make them fit, if possible. Be sure to check back for more updates.

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