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New Poster, Trailer for ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ – Video

If we’re being frank about things, the signs haven’t been looking too positive for A Good Day To Die Hard. It seems to take the franchise so far away from the core of Die Hard, on paper at least, what with John McClane and his son trying to save the planet whilst in Russia. Furthermore, with due respect to the man, director John Moore would appear to be no fan’s first choice to direct the movie. Moore’s Max Payne film never connected convincingly to the source material of the game it was based on, after all.

But it might yet work out. We maintain that Die Hard 4.0 was better than many give it credit for, even if it didn’t feel like a Die Hard film per se. And perhaps that’ll be the case with A Good Day To Die Hard.

Right now, we’ve got a new poster with a slightly cringeworthy tagline, anyway, and there’s also been a fresh trailer. So take a look at both…

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