Bobbi Kristina Repels Show's Critics, Bobby Brown Charged with DUI

Bobbi Kristina’s actions on the new Houston family reality show has critics turned off, while her father Bobby Brown is back on the battle and may be considering rehab after second DUI arrest.

The first two episodes of The Houston’s: On Our Own has shown that Bobbi might not be growing up to the young angel that most Whitney fans expected.

Her relationship with boyfriend Nick Gordon appears to be quite inappropriate and the young 19-year-old reality star has already been caught sipping on alcoholic beverages.

With her family’s history of alcohol and drug abuse, other members of the family, critics, and the show’s viewers all can’t help but wonder if she’ll follow in her parents’ footsteps.

Bobbi Kristina doesn’t see what the big fuss is all about, however, and even took to Twitter to call out everyone who seems to be judging her lifestyle.

“#TOTALWRONG perspective of me,” Whitney’s daughter tweeted. “That’s all I’ll say for now, but thee#COMPLETELYWRONG! Perspective! @REALbkBrown & @nickdgordon #completelywrongperspective.”

She didn’t just stop at pointing out that apparently we all have the “completely wrong perspective” of her and her gun wielding boyfriend, but she even went so far as to compare herself to Jesus.

“They judged && talked about #Jesus,” She continued during her Twitter rant. “Crucified him to be exact … Struck back 100xanointed. You can NEVER take away your #Spirit. Xxxo We shall, we will, we are forever going to #Prosper ! @nickgordon ;; it’s me & you love. Always (: Xxxo gnight!”

Seeing his daughter headed down a destructive path on top of not having her in his life has supposedly driven Bobby Brown back to heavy drinking.

According to Brow, he has become depressed and empty ever since daughter Bobbi Kristina was no longer in his life.

The 43-year-old even blames the depression for his two DUI charges this year because it has made the R&B singer feel like a “failure.”

“Bobby has been down in the dumps about his relationship with Bobbi Kristina for some time,” a source close to the family told Radar Online. “It was certainly what started the ball rolling in terms of falling foul to his demons once again and he’s been hitting the bottle hard.”

The source went on to reveal that Brown’s daughter doesn’t even want to speak to him and that has left him feeling “dead inside.”

“He feels at a loose end because he hears of Bobbi Kristina’s problems and wants to help, but she just won’t listen to him” the source continued.

The reality star’s father’s most recent DUI charge just happened this Wednesday after he was caught driving erratically around Tarzana, Calif. at 1 am.

In addition to being well over the legal limit, Bobby also didn’t have his court mandated breathalyzer on his dashboard.

He faces two to three days in prison – unless it is revealed that he violated probation in which case he will face up to six months – but the Houston family believes that spending some days in the slammer could be a blessing in disguise.

The new DUI charge has the “My Prerogative” crooner admitting he has a problem and even thinking about going to rehab.


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