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Greg Kinnear Lands Starring Role On New Fox Series

Greg Kinnear is set to star in a new legal drama on FOX, according to our friends at Vulture. 

The actor is making a return to regular television after about 18 years of doing movies and guest starring roles. He did well on the silver screen, appearing in hits like Little Miss Sunshine and As Good As It Gets. Kinnear has also had his fair share of guest starring roles on prime time television, such as his stint on Friends and most recently on the uber-popular sitcom, Modern Family.  While Kinnear typically portrays a funnyman, he’s no stranger to a dramatic TV role. In 2011 he portrayed the iconic JFK with Katie Holmes as his Jackie O in the Reelz Channel miniseries, The Kennedy’s. Kinnear was even nominated for an Emmy after his compelling performance.

In his newest role in the U.S. adaption of Australia’s legal drama, Rake, he’ll be proving his dramatic acting skills once again. Kinnear will play a Gregory House-esque defense attorney with a band of misfit clients. He clientele ranges from an accused cannibal to a potential terrorist. Kinnear’s character lacks any sort of filter which will certainly lead to some hilariously awkward situations. Similarly to House, his lack of social graces will be made up by his brilliant intellect.

Hopefully for Kinnear the show will be picked up, but if not at least he has his movie acting experience to fall back on.

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