Kickstand and Deliver: Microsoft Betting Farm on Windows 8, Surface RT

The long-awaited Windows 8 OS is almost here, and while it will make its way into consumer’s hands through various devices, the most intriguing is Microsoft’s new Surface RT tablet — which also happens to be Microsoft’s first tablet.

What’s Under the Hood?

The Surface is a Windows RT-based tablet, which is a variation of Windows 8. The Windows Pro version will be released at a later date, but for now, only the RT is available. Some Surface RT specs include a 10.6-inch display, an ARM-based processor (NVIDIA quad-core Tegra 3), 32GB or 64GB storage options, 2GB of memory, 1366×768 resolution, 720p rear- and front-facing cameras, a USB port and a microSDXC slot. Also, the tablet has a VaporMg magnesium casing and a built-in kickstand.

Touch Cover vs. Type Cover

The Surface is especially unique in that it offers a keyboard accessory, but not just any keyboard: two keyboard options that double as protective covers. There’s a touch cover, which is a thinner (3.25 millimeters) pressure-sensitive keyboard, and a type cover, which feels more like a laptop keyboard at 6 millimeters and physical keys.

The Surface isn’t due for release until October 26, but of course, tech blogs like The VergeEngadgetAnandTech and Laptop Mag have gotten their hands on some Surface tablets for review purposes. So, before you run to the store and drop $499 for the 32GB, $599 for the 32GB with touch cover, or $699 for the 64GB with touch cover, here are a few reviews from those who’ve spent some time with Microsoft’s new baby.

The Surface’s design has been a popular topic with varying opinions. Anandtech’s Anand Shimpi compared it to the iPad’s design, saying its heavier and larger than Apple’s signature tablet, but is more comfortable to carry.

The added weight is offset by superb internal weight distribution. Microsoft claims a lower moment of inertia by more evenly distributing weight inside Surface’s chassis. I don’t know that I’d consider Surface light but it is very comfortable to carry around. It’s not quite like porting around a pad of paper, but carrying Surface feels very natural.The focus on weight distribution results in a device that is honestly comfortable to hold in tablet mode and very comfortable to carry around. The more squared design of Surface actually makes in hand feel more like a book than the iPad, which was an early goal for the device.

However, one part of the Surface’s design that could use some work is the built-in kickstand…

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