Jane Fonda's Back On TV

Jane Fonda just signed on as the star and an executive producer for a new ABC pilot. The Wrap tells us she’s shifting gears after being in HBO’s drama, The Newsroom, and will star in the new primetime comedy, Now What. 

The comedy centers on an adult mother-daughter relationship. Fonda plays an estranged mother whose daughter finally confronts her about her past parenting mistakes. In response, Fonda moves in with her daughter and won’t leave until they settle their differences. The new show is currently in development.

In her early years, Fonda was known for her silver screen roles (and workout video), but lately she’s been crossing over to television. She did a great job as the fiery and shrewd owner of Atlantis Media Group and Atlantic Cable News (ACN), the network that airs News Night on HBO’s show The Newsroom. 

As long as Fonda’s role in Now What isn’t anything like her role as a mother in Monster-in-Law, the show should have a lot to offer.

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