Bruce Campbell Talks Up 'Evil Dead' Remake

It’s rare to see an actor supporting the remake of a film that came to define his career. Unless he’s producing it, of course. Such is the case with Bruce Campbell and the upcoming remake of The Evil Dead.

The unmistakable actor has recently sat down with Machinima to extend yet another showing of praise for the upcoming Evil Dead directed by Fede Alvarez. Bruce Campbell makes it a point to explain that this is in no way a psychedelic comedy like the latter part of the original series. Instead, he claims it is a genuine horror film much like the original.

“The movie is not funny,” he said. “The movie is old-fashioned, retro horror. There’s not a snappy line in the whole movie. The first movie wasn’t like that and this is a remake of the first movie. He’s matching the tone of the first movie which is not har-de-har-har.”

Furthermore, Campbell explains that this Evil Dead remake is not in any way just another ploy to make money. He insists that his interests have in every way aligned with fans of the original. Sam Raimi, director of the original Evil Dead, has helped pen the screenplay with the likes of director Fede Alvarez, Rodo Sayagues Mendez, and, er, Diablo Cody (to help with the disenfranchised female demographic?).

“We got our little fingers in this pie, man,” he said. “We want to custom-make it for fans. We’re not some random cigar-chomping producers looking for a horror movie to remake. This is our baby.”

Above all else, Bruce Campbell insists that this new Evil Dead will flat out scare the pants off you. Oddly enough, it sounds almost exactly like what he and his co-stars faced in The Evil Dead all those years ago. On steroids.

“It’s going to be a horror extravaganza,” he said. “Not in terms of size, but in terms of the intensity of the horror you will experience. This movie is going to blow the fricking doors off. It’s just five new actors and a nasty book they should have left alone.”

We’ll be able to see – or opt not to see – how truthful Bruce Campbell is come April 12 of next year. By then, we’re sure he’ll sit down to have a few more words of praise with a few more film interviewers. Until then, go find your old copies of the original series and begin making room for its latest addition.

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