President Obama, Brad Pitt Spoof on SNL

President Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and Brad Pitt have become the latest targets for another round of Saturday Night Life comedy spoofs.

The second Presidential Debate seemed to give the SNL team even more jokes and hilarious scenarios than the first debate in which Obama’s poor performance was the butt of the jokes.

This time, the tension between both candidates was called to the forefront as the SNL actors depicted former Governor Romney and President Obama about to take their political fight to the streets.

A 38-year-old jobless man who still lives with his parents starts the debate by asking the candidates to promise him a job. After Romney starts his reply by referring to how the President claims that unemployment rates are dropping, the faux President interrupts by saying that it has indeed decreased.

Suddenly, the Romney impersonator refers to the Obama actor as his friend in a condescending tone.

Jay Pharoah, the actor playing the President, then snaps on the imitation governor by saying, “I’m not your friend.”

“Well, I’m not your sparky,” the Jason Sudeikis, the Romney impersonator, then quickly replies.

As the skit carries on the wealthy Massachusetts governor asks President Barack Obama about his salary. After hearing the commander-in-chief reply with a mere $400,000, the Mitt actor then admits that that is the amount he pays his cats before finally telling the president to “sit down before I hit you over the head with my pay check.”

The SNL skit even made fun of Romney’s tendency to interrupt during the second debate when Sudeikis began talking over the moderator in order to add “three more things and one more additional thing.”

After the Mitt actor exclaimed how badly he wanted to beat up the President, the Candy Crowley impersonator warned the fake Romney that it is a criminal offense to threaten the president and punishable by several years in prison. The faux Candy then turns to the Obama actor and instructs him that threatening the governor will only get him a $100 fine and that he would wish to continue threatening Romney, he can purchase a permit for a measly $8 fee.

Even in the midst of all the fighting between candidates, the skit declared that this round went to President Obama after Mitt Romney falsely tried to accuse the President of never calling the attacks in Libya terrorist attacks.

The moderator, Candy Crowley, quickly corrects the Republican presidential hopeful by pointing out that the President had indeed referred to the violence as terrorist attacks on several occasions.

The former governor then begins to approach Crowley’s desk uttering “Candy no, please Candy… Candy…” before the play President confidently saunters up to the front of the stage and drops the mic in an act of victory – the way most rappers and performers do after they finish a great show.

The presidential candidates weren’t the only ones getting the SNL treatment; however, as the skit mocked some of the people who asked the questions and later in the same show the team took aim at Chanel’s first ever male spokesperson – Brad Pitt.

In the sensual black and white commercial for the Chanel No. 5 fragrance Pitt’s performance seemed a bit lengthy, incoherent, and “inunderstandable” according to the Saturday Night Live team.

Brad Pitt was parodied by Taran Killam who began by reciting the sentimental phrases and quotes that Pitt has recited in his commercial.

Suddenly the actor stops mid-performance and looks off screen to ask, “I’m sorry, is there really no script? ‘Cause I’ve been talking to myself, for like, two hours straight and I’m starting to sound insane.”

The 30-year-old comedic actor is then instructed to sound even less coherent than he already does and responds by saying, “Ok – I can just start making up words?”

After he starts again, delivering a very incoherent performance he notices something else wrong with the commercial.

“Is it me, or do I look super homeless,” the faux Brad Pitt wondered. “That’s what you want? Rock ’n’ roll!”

The parody Brad Pitt finishes the commercial with the line “Chanel No. 5 – inunderstandable!”

Needless to say, both sketches were exaggerated for laughs but did point out some rather valid observations from Romney’s rude behavior, Obama’s willingness to adhere to Romney when he told him to take a seat, and the not-so-clearly thought out script for the new Chanel commercial.

Brad Pitt SNL Spoof

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