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New 'Skyfall' Trailer Just Released

Another trailer for the highly anticipated new James Bond movie was just released. Skyfall is the twenty-third Bond movie, the third with Daniel Craig as agent 007. Ever since Craig was cast as the spy, the Bond movies have gotten a bit darker and grittier. Following in that pattern, Skyfall challenge the typical Bond formula of guns, girls, and bad guys. There are definitely still some guns, girls, and bad guys, but this James Bond shows some emotion and vulnerability while kicking major a**.

In the newest Bond flick, Bond’s weakness appears to be his trusted superior, M, played by Judi Dench. Bond has always blindly followed her leadership, however new information surrounding her murky past leads Bond to question her authority and his loyalty. Javier Bardeem plays the main antagonist, Raoul Silva. Bardeem is almost too good at playing villians as seen by his performance in No Country For Old Men, I’m excited/ a little scared to see what he does as a blonde haired bad guy in Skyfall.

Here’s the trailer for Skyfall. Hopefully this will be able to hold you over until the films release on November 9.

[jwplayer mediaid=”22340″]

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