How Put on Muscle on a Vegetarian Diet

Everyone knows crushing weights won’t get you anywhere if you don’t have the right diet to match. Even if you think you’re eating all the right things, taking all the right supplements and getting all the right nutrients at the right time, there might be some adjustments you can make to reach your goals faster. That’s where we come in.

This week, Eric Falstrault, founder of BODHI Fit in Montreal, Canada, takes a look at a meal plan from a Muscle & Fitness reader.

Below is a sample meal plan for 1 day. I am a vegetarian 235-lb. 6’5″ male. I work out five times a week.” -Dane W.

I have learned that there are different kinds of vegetarians: lifelong vegetarians that are not the type to train as much as you, and those who changed their lifestyle because they saw some disgusting things about how meat products are farmed. However, I still haven’t found one person who practices this lifestyle without any nutritional deficiencies. Although I don’t want to convert you into a meat eater, I would like to suggest some options that won’t challenge your beliefs.


5:00 AM

  • Fresh Juice (kale, spinach, celery, green apple, carrot, beet, ginger, orange)
  • 2 scoops Garden of Life Raw Meal


5:30 AM

  • 1 Scoop Xpand 2x

During Workout:

6:00-7:00 AM

  • 1 Scoop GlycoJect
  • 1 Scoop O.N. Egg Protein


7:45 AM

  • 10 oz. egg whites
  • 2 whole eggs
  • 1/4 cup oatmeal
  • Fresh fruit

The one thing I would change is the order of your morning meals. Eat your solid meal before your workout and take your protein shake after. The slow carb release from your pre-workout meal will give you plenty of energy for your training. Leave your intra-workout as is, but the best thing to do for post-workout nutrition and fast recuperation is to get a protein source that is digested and assimilated fast such as your pre- and intra-workout shakes.


9:30 AM

  • 1 Scoop O.N. Egg Protein
  • 1 Scoop vegan rice protein
  • Small hand full of almonds, cashews, and walnuts

Liquid protein and meal replacements are good, but you have a lot in your diet. I know you want to reach your daily protein requirement, which, in your case, is not easy since you are not a small guy. Most powdered protein and meal replacements have some preservatives and hidden sugars. My advice would be to incorporate more solid protein into your daily regimen. This is where it will be challenging since you are a bit limited…

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