Will 'Skyfall' Have A 3D Version?

For all you Bond enthusiasts that would love to see Skyfall in 3D, you are going to have to wait. Producers have no intentions on showing Skyfall in that format.

“3-D is fantastic for the right material, but we’re not sure Bond is the right way to go,” said Skyfall producer Barbara Broccoli in a recent interview. “With our movies, there’s a lot of challenges to 3-D, particularly when you’ve got a lot of action and a lot of quick cutting.”

Broccoli goes on to say that 3D only works with the right story and unless you can do something as good as Avatar, it’s not worth all the trouble.

3D cameras are far more bulky and difficult to maneuver when shoot action, which can create an experience that seems jerky and unsettling for viewers.

Broccoli, who has been the appointed overseer of the last seven Bond films, takes great pride in the franchise and would rather preserve the brand in a 2D format. However, she didn’t completely rule out the possible benefits of converting old Bond films into 3D and left the door open to give future installments the 3D treatment.

For now, Skyfall will be in U.S. theaters a day earlier on November 8th. Although there won’t be a 3D version, the fill will show in IMAX and regular theaters.

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