Short 'Silent Hill: Revelation 3D' Trailer Released

A new trailer has been released for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, almost as if to remind audiences that it’s Halloween season and they have a responsibility to be terrified.

This trailer is considerably shorter than the first, only offering a horrifying sixty seconds worth of material alongside the typical trailer voiceover. Three terrifying dimensions are showcased in a minute’s span, reminding us why we go and see films like Silent Hill in the first place: to be downright disturbed. In 3D, no less.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D will star Sean Bean and Radha Mitchell from the original, as well as newcomers Adelaide Clemens and Carrie-Anne Moss. Michael J. Bassett penned the script and is accordingly set to direct. He’s best known for 2009’s Solomon Kane and 2002’s Deathwatch (for better or worse).

While it’s fair to say a general audience didn’t really care for the original 2006’s Silent Hill adaptation, it’s also fair to say a general audience are not hardcore gamers or fanboys. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D will hit theaters October 26, just in time for the year’s spookiest holiday. However, it will not have the likes of Roger Avary or Christophe Gans writing and directing, respectively. Their touch gave 2006’s project a bit more credit than your average screenwriter and director, and arguably made the film actually watchable. Whether or not their absence is obvious will be quite apparent in Revelation.

Still, audiences should know by now what they’re getting into with films like Silent Hill: Revelations 3D – video game based, fun-filled horror that isn’t at all meant to be taken seriously. While you’re reading up on the mythology behind the original Silent Hill film (and all nine video games), take some time to enjoy the trailer below…

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