Who Won the Debate? Celebs React To Obama, Romney Presidential Debate

Who Won the Debate? It’s the automatic question asked my many who vigilantly watched the presidential debate and for others who wait on the sideline for the scorecard.

Last night President Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney faced off in a town hall style debate. For Obama who disappointed many with his lackluster performance two weeks ago, needed a “W” and according to celebrity reactions and pundits alike, he did just that. Here are but a few of the reactions:

Yahoo political correspondent Jeff Greenfield gave the win the Obama but with a small, yet crucial caveat.

“In every debate, whatever the format, whatever the questions, there is one and only one way to identify the winner: Who commands the room? Who drives the narrative? Who is in charge? More often than not on Tuesday night, I think, Obama had the better of it.”

“As a tactical matter, Obama executed one of the toughest of maneuvers: the counterpunch. When Romney attacked Obama for hindering the use of coal, the President recalled an appearance of Romney as governor of Massachusetts, where he vowed to shut down a coal-fired power plant.”

Did the win come two weeks too late? “That opportunity vanished that night. While it’s clear that Obama’s performance will revive the enthusiasm of his supporters, it seems unlikely that it will cause those impressed by Romney to reconsider. Like they say in show business, timing is everything.”

L.A Times writer David Horsey summed it up,

“Some think Obama clearly won the debate — early polls by CNN and CBS gave Obama the edge — some call it a draw, but few people beyond the walls of the Fox News studio are contending that Romney was the winner. Thus, the third and final debate on Monday is now teed up as a grand finale to a very long campaign.”

Less politically savvy reactions came from some celebrities. Read a few below:

Donald Trump: “Obama is looking rhetorical and weak. @MittRomney is looking strong and sharp.”

Phaedra Parks, Esq.: “Mitt u can’t find qualified women? Where were u looking b/c I graduated from a womens college full of qualified ppl”

Tamar Braxton: #Romney is like the boyfriend who just keeps LYING to your face!! he has switched his story 100 times!!!”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: “Maybe @BarackObama is just a procrastinator like me…”

Tameka Raymond: You gon stop walking up on my President doe! Hes too cocky. Thats STILL our president! Romney is too comfortable, NO RESPECt. I’m getting mad”

Bill Maher: “At least Obama had the good taste not to urinate on the corpse”

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