'Nymphomaniac' Adds Dafoe and Kier

Lars von Trier has a robust stable of recurring actors whom he’s enjoyed torturing in his films in various and sundry ways over the years. Willem Dafoe was in Manderlay and, more (in)famously, Antichrist, while Udo Kier was also inĀ Manderlay, as well as Melancholia, Breaking the Waves, Dogville, and more. Now, both of these actors have signed on for the Danish director’s next film, Nymphomaniac, says Variety.

Von Trier has established a reputation as an unabashed provocateur, and all that’s been said about Nymphomaniac suggests that it could be his most shocking film yet. The story follows a sex addict, played by Charlotte Gainsbourg (another one of his favorites), who looks back on fifty years of life and loss. Also in the cast are Shia LeBeouf, Uma Thurman, Stellan Skarsgard, Christian Slater, and Jamie Bell. Von Trier supposedly plans to shoot two versions of the film, one a “hardcore pornographic” cut, and the other with the sexual content toned down. The movie will be released May 30th of next year in Denmark.

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