Michelle Obama Encourages Voters in Swing State Ohio

First Lady Michelle Obama is had just cast her official ballot on Monday when she encouraged voters in the key swing state of Ohio to follow her lead.

“I’m feeling pretty fired up and ready to go, because this morning, let me tell you what I did – I cast my ballot for Barack Obama,” she told a cheering crowd at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland. “It felt so good. Right now my absentee ballot is on its way to my hometown, Chicago. That means we are one vote closer to re-electing my husband.”

Before taking off for Ohio on Monday, Obama tweeted that she had just placed her absentee ballot in the mail, while President Obama followed shortly with a tweet announcing that he would be voting on October 25. He’ll vote in person in Chicago, giving cameras a chance to get a photo-op of him casting his ballot, even though it will be nearly two weeks before most of the rest of the country votes.

The Obamas’ home state of Illinois is reliably blue and not in contention, but the first couple has been encouraging voters in the key swing states to register and vote early. Voting in Virginia, Iowa, Ohio and New Hampshire is already underway.

Early voting also began in Georgia with a heavy turnout on Monday, but that state is firmly entrenched on the Republican side of the ledger.

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