Bloody Teaser Poster Revealed for 'Carrie' Remake

The first poster has been revealed for Carrie, an upcoming remake of the horror film classic released over 30 years ago. It showcases the two things that made the original popular: blood and angst.

The poster has been released in the wake of the New York Comic-Con following the showing of a teaser trailer for the film (which has yet to surface). It features Chloe Grace Moretz covered in blood (pig’s blood maybe?) and staring at the viewer in complete contempt. The words “You Will Know Her Name” descend down the poster.

It’s hard to believe that’s actually Chloe Grace Moretz‘s 15-year-old face delivering such a powerful gaze. She’ll take the reigns as Carrie White, a sheltered high school girl who uses her newfound telekinetic powers to take revenge on her teasing family and peers. She’ll be joined by the likes of Julianne Moore – who’ll play the infamously religious mother – Judy Greer and Alex Russell. The project was helmed by Kimberly Pierce, who’s perhaps best known for her 1999 hit Boys Don’t Cry which earned an Oscar. Since, she’s garnered minimal attention with the politically driven Stop-Loss in 2008.

The Carrie remake has plenty going for it in that the film boasts an impressive cast and a director who takes her time between projects. Unfortunately, that’s about it. Brian de Palma’s original earned 2 Oscars and has remained a staple of the horror genre ever since. To say that all parties involved have some big shoes to fill would be quite the understatement. However, it’s not impossible. After all, there’s even plans to remake The Evil Dead (with Bruce Campbell’s support!).

Carrie will hit theaters next year on March 15. Until then, keep checking back for updates and make sure you save plenty of time for a double take when looking at the poster below.

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