New iPod Touch Review: Superb!

After coming clean and admitting that I’d be flirting with an iPod touch, even though I’m in a serious relationship with Android phones, I’ve been looking forward to the new Apple device. I ordered a 32 GB Black and Slate model as soon as Apple began selling them on Sept. 14 and it arrived a few hours ago. I’ve already have enough playtime to form some solid impressions; plus I owned both the prior iPod touch model and an iPhone 4S in the past, so I have a good frame of reference.

In no particular order, here are my initial thoughts on Apple’s fifth-generation iPod touch

  • The display is stellar. Apple’s new technique of integrating the touch sensor with the display brings the content even higher to the screen surface. More than ever before, it appears that the icons are simply painted on the screen; they’re that good. Of course, if you’ve seen the new iPhone 5, you know what I mean as it uses the exact same screen. The display doesn’t have a blue hue like my Samsung devices do.
  • I’m starting to wonder if the Retina Display pixel density is overdone on a device this small. Hear me out for a second: I just said the screen was nice and it is. But with 326 pixels per inch crammed into a 4-inch display I’m finding text on most web sites is too small to read without zooming. On some sites, you simply have to zoom and I don’t find that to be true on my high-resolution Android devices. I’m zooming far more on the iPod touch than I am on Android phones but I don’t feel I’m losing any clarity or quality by comparison. Just a thought…. personal preferences are part of that observation, although if you go to Apple’s own web page for the iPod touch, there’s simply no way to read most of the text without zooming…

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