Lindsay Lohan Endorsement of Romney May Be Vital In Elections

Lindsay Lohan recently switched her support from Obama to Romney, and although her endorsement alone won’t win the election for either candidate, it does show a very important voting trend that may shake up the polls.

Of all the public endorsements from celebrities, you wouldn’t think that Lohan’s would be the one to catch so much attention, but in actuality it’s definitely something that the public needs to pay attention to.

An article by Business Insider’s Walter Hickey noted that Lindsay is a “typical low-information voter and low-information voters, like it or not, will decide this election.”

Bissinger went on to explain that these low-information voters “don’t follow politics, don’t understand the issues with depth, and plan to vote based on what little information they’ve gleaned.”

In other words, the majority of voters won’t actually be educated on what the issues are and will likely have no idea about what methods would be the most efficient ways to correct them.

Lindsay herself didn’t see to really understand why she was switched her support over to Romney and couldn’t explain her reasoning behind the decision.

The troubled actress was speaking at the launch party for Mr Pink Ginseng Drink when she made the announcement about her Romney endorsement, but fell short of even giving a vague description of what attracted her to the candidate.

“I just think employment is really important right now,” the 26-year-old repeat DUI offender stated. “So as of now I think my vote is Mitt Romney.”

Well in a time where the economy is on a downward spiral, there aren’t many American’s who don’t think employment is important… but Lohan couldn’t directly connect Romney to a solution for unemployment.

Only time will tell if Romney even accepts the new endorsement since the “Liz & Dick” actress isn’t exactly the best role model and is rarely abides by the law when it comes to drinking.

She has already been receiving tons of publicity, and every single drop of media attention has been negative… not sure if Romney would be up for that.

The Mean Girls actress reportedly got into a fight with her mother, that she claims was made worse by her father over reacting.

The mom-daughter duo had just gotten home from a night out on the town in NYC when the “I Know Who Killed Me” star called her pops to tell him that her mother was on cocaine.

After hearing the commotion on the phone and the allegations of drug use, Michael Lohan called the police.

If you ask Michael’s daughter, however, she later called TMZ to tell them that everything had been fine until her father called the police.

“Things happen. People have arguments and disagreements, but it shouldn’t be recorded and put on the Internet by someone that you’re supposed to trust, which is your parents,” the troubled starlet explained.

Lindsay might want to spend less time partying with her mom, however, and go properly register to vote or her endorsement might all be in vain.

The actress and singer-songwriter never re-registered to vote after she moved out of Venice earlier this year.

Someone might want to tell the starlet that before she tries to encourage others to take a stance she might want to make sure that her’s will actually count come election time.


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