Vanity Fair's Article On The Death of Michael Jackson Spurs Lawsuit

Janet Jackson’s lawyers has issued an ultimatum to Vanity Fair magazine for running a story that made false claims surrounding the death of Michael Jackson. The arcticle accused Janet of delaying Michael Jackson’s funeral over payment issues. According to the story Janet demanded repayment for $40,000 burial-plot deposit she gave to the cemetery.

Jackson is calling foul on the piece. Her attorney Blair G. Brown added it’s “untrue” and “outrageous.” According to Brown Janet paid for the funeral following the death of her brother and Michael’s estate reimbursed her for “some of those expenses” the following year.

“This story is particularly hurtful and distressing because of Ms. Jackson’s strong desire to serve her brother,  whom she loved dearly and her wish to stand with and support her family.”

Despite the threat of a lawsuit Vanity Fair appears to be standing firm, only making a minor correction to the amount Janet borrowed to the estate. In the a statement to E! News a rep for the magazine stated,

“Vanity Fair stands by Randall Sullivan’s assertion that Janet Jackson’s demand to be reimbursed for her deposit on her brother’s burial plot was one of the reasons Michael Jackson’s funeral was delayed. Sullivan’s sources told him that the amount of the deposit was $40,000, but records released last week indicate that the amount of the deposit was $49,000. Vanity Fair will make that correction on”

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