Sample Nigerian Electronic Dance Music

Nigeria might not be the first place that you think of when someone mentions electronic dance music, but the EDM movement is taking over the world and the world is giving back its own iterations of the sound.

WhosWorld had this to say about a track from Nigerian producer Bigfoot of Micworx:

“(Bigfoot is) very well one of Nigeria’s most eclectic music producers. His beats range from hip-hop to dance to trance.

Well, he’s back at it again. He’s done an e-mix, i.e., electronic mix of the song ‘Mannequin’ with rapper/singer Eva Alordiah (I didn’t realize she was a make-up artist and model as well… Go Eva!). I was first introduced to Eva as a rapper, however, on this track she’s singing.

The combination of her voice and the drums and breaks make for a haunting mix.”

To give it a listen, go to: Roxanne Scott, WhosWorld


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