10 Great Film People Whose Deaths You May Have Missed This Year

Today, Harris Savides passed away at the age of 55. That name may or may not mean anything to you. But what about movies like The Game? Zodiac? American Gangster? Milk? Savides was cinematographer on those and more than twenty other films, over the course of a nearly two-decade career. He was an important artist, but the only ones likely to observe his death are film-related websites and industry news publications. And he’s hardly the first figure in the film business who has died this year to less-than-prodigious mourning. Even though 2012 isn’t over and there are likely to be more lower-profile cinematic artists to go before it’s up, now is a good time to look back on a few others whom we’ve lost so far. For every Whitney Houston, Tony Scott, Gore Vidal, or Michael Clarke Duncan, there’s one of these.

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