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Lindsay Lohan and Mom Fight After Clubbing

After a short break from the bizarre life and times of Lindsay Lohan, the actress is in the news again–this time for allegedly fighting with her mother Dina after the two partied at a New York nightclub.

The Daily News reports that cops were called in the wee hours on Wednesday after a heated  argument between Lohan and mom Dina Lohan in North Merrick, L.I. Nassau County police were called to the scene.

“It was an argument between Lindsay Lohan and her mother,” said Officer Eloise Abdullah, a Nassau police spokeswoman. “The police responded, and no further police action was taken. It was closed out. There were no injuries and no complaints followed. There is nothing else we can do.”

Too bad citations aren’t issued for clubbing with your mother.

Lohan, 26, reportedly suffered a cut on her leg when a diamond bracelet was broken in the fight, reports indicate.

According to TMZ, mother Dina was drunk at the nightclub and allegedly the fight started when Lindsay wanted to take her limo to her NYC hotel, but Dina wanted to take it to her home in Long Island so she wouldn’t have to pay for a taxi. Dina prevailed, over the intense protests of her daughter. Lindsay and Dina allegedly continued arguing in the car and it escalated when they got home.

The fight comes barely a week after Lohan fought with a congressional aide at the W Union Square hotel. Lindsey accused the aide of scratching and chocking her over photos on his cell phone. Last month, a Manhattan cook charged that Lohan hit him with her Porsche while leaving a parking garage. The Associated Press reported that Lohan was arrested after leaving a nightclub shortly after the hit and run.  Lohan is still on probation for stealing a necklace in California.

The former “Mean Girls” star has repeatedly made headlines for her over the top behavior. Lohan has spent several stints in rehab and in 2010 a warrant was issued for her arrest when a judge ruled that the actress was in violation of a court order prohibiting her from consuming alcohol.


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