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Former Hollywood Assistant Sells Script to CBS

Former Hollywood assistant, Lauren Bachelis, recently revealed herself as the mastermind behind the uber-popular Hollywood Assistants blog. The folks at tell us that not only did her website go viral, but Bachelis used it as inspiration for a TV script entitled 20-Nothings she recently sold to CBS. Wonder Years star, Fred Savage (pictured to the right) is attached as executive producer and director.

There has always been controversy about whether or not anyone cares what goes on in the interworkings of Hollywood. Entourage proved that there was some interest in the backside of the industry, but I think it’s fair to say that Jeremy Piven’s outrageous performance as neurotic Hollywood agent Ari Gold was to thank for that. The overwhelming majority doesn’t seem to really care about the business aspect of Hollywood, they just want to enjoy the end product. We here at WHOGOTTHEROLE.COM are actually intrigued to see how this show does. The life of an over-worked, under paid assistant to the agents who handle Hollywood’s A-listers definitely proves interesting at times. We’re just wondering how she can get away talking about CAA so candidly when the agency prides itself on confidentiality. They must not be too concerned considering the agency now represents the up-and-coming new writer.

Congrats to Bachelis – may you serve as an inspiration to all aspiring writers who are stuck as an assistant and afraid they might never get out.

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