Eric Dane To Star In Michael Bay’s New Show ‘The Last Ship’

Less than a week after departure from Grey’s Anatomy, Eric Dane has signed on to the new TNT dramatic action series helmed by Transformers executive producer, Michael Bay.

Per’s latest report, the show is based on William Brinkley’s novel, The Last Ship, about a destroyer crew forced to start a new beginning after learning they are some of the only survivors of a nuclear disaster.  The former bad boy doctor is taking on a whole new role as Tom Chanler, a devoted dad and Navy career man.  Dane joins Michaela McManus, Charles Parnell, Travis Van Winkle, Christina Elmore and Sam Spruell in the cast.

The book tackles the typical issues of a post-apocalyptic society such as the effects of radiation, finding a hospitable place to call home, and even mandated polyandry (where a woman can take more than one hubby). Sounds interesting to say the least. This original idea, along with Michael Bay’s penchant for bad a$$ special effects, will probably result in one epic, over the top television series. Dane’s manly charm and irresistible scruff will certainly captivate a female audience, but ladies you’ll have to wait until 2013 to get your weekly McSteamy fix.



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