ABC's 'Nashville' Premieres Wednesday

ABC’s newest drama, Nashville, premieres Wednesday October 10 at 10/9c. The show stars Connie Britton (American Horror Story, Friday Night Lights) and Hayden Pannitere (Heroes). Britton stars as Rayna Jaymes, the reigning country music superstar. Pannietere plays Juliette Barnes, a young up and comer looking to dethrone Rayna take the title for herself.

At first I thought this was going to be another one of ABC’s ridiculous evening soap opera’s, like Grey’s Anatomy or Desperate Housewives. However, as more clips of the new show were released, Nashville seemed to have more to offer than convoluted, over-dramatic plot lines and sappy love stories. After just watching the trailer, you’re rooting for Britton’s Rayna to keep her place on top. More than anything, I’m excited to watch Britton and Pannietere take the stage and prove their singing chops. Luckily for Pannietere the trailer even alludes to the fact she can’t sing, so she doesn’t really have to prove herself. From what I’ve seen so far, Nashville seems like it will be a more thought out Country Strong, but I think it holds a lot more promise than the failed movie.

Check out the trailer for yourself:

Nashville Trailer – ABC Network

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