Opposite Worlds: A Groundbreaking New Reality Series Coming to SyFy

Just when you thought you’d seen all the possible reality competition TV shows, SyFy brings us yet another one. As seen on Deadline.com, the networks newest original idea is a show entitled Opposite Worlds , where contestants will compete to be part of “the future” or “the past”. SyFy is adapting this concept from an immensely popular Chilean version.”The past” takes contestants back to primitive times, where survival will be a struggle. “The past” sounds a bit like Survivor, but since it’s on SyFy, we can only hope there will be some Lost elements to it. Polar bears and smoke monsters anyone? As you can probably guess, “The future” is the exact opposite. Everything will be easy and convenient in this Utopian “future”.

All of the contestants needs will be met with the push of a button. There will be 20 contestants split in to two teams, each week the teams will compete for who will live luxuriously in “the future” and who will get stuck in “the past”.  The new series will air twice a week for 6 weeks.

While I tend to avoid reality television at all costs, this show might actually seem like one worth watching. Instead of watching housewives get drunk and bicker, too-tan guidos fist pump while doing laundry, or the daily life of a redneck beauty queen, this show actually seems like an entertaining concept that won’t leave me feeling like I lost brain cells after watching. Opposite Worlds is definitely a reality competition series, in the same vein as The Amazing Race and Project Runway, so don’t tune in expecting to follow the daily lives of some over-hyped Hollywood family. Opposite Worlds sounds like Hunger Games meets Survivor with a splash of Big Brother and that is a formula for a huge success.

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