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Sofia Vergara Strips for Art, Producing New ‘Killer’ Show

The sexy Sofia Vergara uses her body as a canvas as she strips down to let Domingo Zapata paint on her, and then goes from being a canvas to being an executive producer.

If there is one thing everyone knows about the curvaceous actress, it’s that she is absolutely in love with her curves and has never shied away showing them off.

Now she is flaunting her curves and supporting art at the same time.

“We met through friends and we started talking about doing something together and one day she said, ‘Let’s do it,’ the Spanish-American contemporary artist explained. “I said, ‘Okay, I don’t have a canvas, so I’m going to have to paint on you.’”

Needless to say the idea of using her nearly nude body as a canvas didn’t scare the Colombian actress and she was ready to get the project started.

Zapata decided to paint the words to a Spanish poem titled “Life is a Dream” on the sexy model’s body.

“She is one of the most beautiful women in the world and very comfortable with her body,” Zapata said. “What a canvas!”

The 12-polaroid series of Sofia sold for $220,000.

The artist will now be moving on to new celebrity clientele including Eva Longoria.

Of course, this busy star has been up to much more than just being a canvas.

The 40-year-old beauty has recently celebrated her birthday, got engaged to her boo Nick Loeb, was deemed as TV’s highest paid actress, posed for Lucky Magazine, and much much more.

Despite her already busy schedule, now the comedian is going to become an executive producer.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Sofia, along with her entertainment company Latin WE, will be partnering with Ben Silverman to create an English version of the Argentina series “Mujeres Asesinas” or “Killer Women.”

The show first aired back in 2005 and has already been adapted and produced in Columbia, Mexico, Ecuador, and even Italy.

Details of the show vary depending on what country produced the series, but in the States the show will be based on the life of a Texas ranger.

Script adaptations have not been finished yet, but Hannah Shakespeare will be in charge of creating the new script.

Despite the fact that the TV actress already had so much on her plate, she didn’t even hesitate about taking on another project.

No wonder she’s TV’s highest paid actresses.


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