Entrepreurial Success Depends on Developing the Skill of Managing Money

For an entrepreneur to be successful in building a business you have to be skillful in different areas of business. One of these areas is managing money. Proper money management puts you in the driver seat for directing how money flows through your business.  It also positions you to have a profitable business and sustainable business.

Here are 10 more things you should know about managing your money:

  1. Your relationship with money and what you think about money drives how you manage your money.
  2. Managing your money doesn’t have to be a complex process in your business. Keep it simple! The best money management process is the one you will be consistent in doing.  If you make managing your money a difficult task, you won’t dedicate time for getting it done.
  3. Money loves attention! When you are tracking its inflow & outflow and managing it on a regular basis you’ll start to see the cash in your bank account increase.
  4. Personal and business finances should be kept separate. Any business related transactions should be done with a business bank account or business debit/credit card.
  5. Forecasting and managing cash flow should be an integral part of managing your money.  A business needs positive cash flow in order to be sustainable. Without cash or money your business will not last.
  6. The numbers in your business tell a story…

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