'A Good Day to Die Hard' Trailer: John McClane Is Back (Again)

Yippee-ki-yay, senior citizens!

After fighting off terrorists for the past twenty-five years, John McClane (Bruce Willis) is once again doing what he does best…um, fighting off terrorists. But this time, he’s in Russia! You wouldn’t know it from this teaser trailer, but A Good Day to Die Hard (AKA Die Hard 5) marks the first time “the 007 of Plainfield, New Jersey” has left American soil to save the world. McClane’s there to help save his estranged son Jack (Jai Courtney) from…you guessed it: terrorists!

Yahoo! Movies debuted the teaser trailer. Check it out.

[jwplayer mediaid=”21563″]

The surprising thing about this teaser is, the movie actually looks pretty good. After the silliness of Live Free or Die Hard, this preview indicates a full-bore return to all-American, blowin’ stuff up real good-style action.

Featuring a remixed version of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy,” which featured prominently in the original Die Hard, it’s nice to see this newest installment paying homage to the movie that started it all. It’s always a good sign seeing Bruce Willis cracking jokes and running across a room full of shattered glass with a semi-automatic assault rifle strapped across his chest.

A Good Day to Die Hard hits theaters February 14th, 2013. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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