First Clip of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' (Not Really)

That image right there? That’s basically what J.J. Abrams revealed of Star Trek Into Darkness* when he went on Conan last night. The notoriously mystery-box loving filmmaker hasn’t allowed many details of the movie’s plot to slip free. I have no idea why he’s using his well-practiced “reel ’em in with ambiguity” marketing ploy. You’d think a name brand like Star Trek would be enough to put backsides in seats.

Abrams appearance on Conan seems like a riff on his tight-liptedness, as he can barely contain laughter over how absurd it is to release a “clip” of the movie that’s exactly three frames long. We usually ask readers to “judge for themselves” what to take from new footage from upcoming movies, but that seems useless here. Well, Spock will be in a volcano at some point. That seems cool, I guess.

Star Trek Into Darkness* comes out May 17 of next year. Check out the segment from Conan here.


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