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7 Personality Traits of the World’s Best Leaders

Tech entreprenuer Chris Bennett

Before I tell you how they work, let me first define whom I am talking about when I say “the world’s best leaders.” I’m not just speaking about Steve Jobs, although he was one of them. The world’s best leaders are the people who get things done. The people who take a business from struggle to success. From idea to world-changing reality.

These people are not necessarily at the helm of the company. A leader could be a salesperson who finds a way to both better serve the client and to cut costs while doing it. The two women at Best Buy who introduced Results Oriented Work Environment are leaders for turning the company into a test bed for a whole new way to work. The world’s best leaders can be anyone who has taken charge of having a major, positive impact. That’s whom I am talking about.

Not surprisingly there is a common thread that separates the world’s best leaders from everyone else, and it’s not those with the biggest ego, but rather the people who live the following seven habits.

1. They don’t seek fame. Fame is merely a natural consequence of what great leaders do. They make decisions that are in the best interest of their customers, their company and their community. They seek to have everyone come out winning. They surely don’t do what they do for media attention. They do what they do, because it is the right thing to do.

2. They don’t fear criticism. The world’s best leaders make decisions that are in the best interest of their customers, their company and their community. Sound familiar?  Just like fame is of no importance, neither is criticism. The outside world will always have detractors and critics. This does not dissuade them. Great leaders clearly delineate what’s right from wrong and take action accordingly.  

3. They don’t make superstars. Just like they don’t put themselves on a pedestal (even though the media may), they don’t put anyone else on a pedestal either. To great leaders, the hero is the team…

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