NBC Picks Up Three New Shows For Full First Season

Three of NBC’s rookie shows, Revolution, Go On and The New Normal have each been picked up for a full first season. NBC is quite proud of this accomplishment considering this time last year they were pulling the plug on The Playboy Club. 

is being applauded as one of the most original ideas on TV. According to TheWrap.comRevolution helped make NBC the top rated network during premiere week.The show takes place in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future when the world loses all source of power. From electricity to batteries, it’s all gone. It’s refreshing to imagine a world with absolutely no power, but only for a minute. It would just get inconvenient (and dangerous) having to light a candle every time you needed some light. Plus, a world without texting? Not possible. Hopefully the Bad Robot team will be able to keep this show afloat and not totally confuse/ piss off viewers like they did with Lost. 

Go On, starring Friends alum, Matthew Perry, is an witty but emotional sitcom about a man who loses his wife and winds up in group therapy. The incessant and cheesy advertisements during the Olympic coverage made me NOT want to watch, but it must have appealed to a large audience since it’ll be on all year.

The New Normal, a controversial new series from Ryan Murphey and Ali Adler, also proved its worth for a full first season. The show follows two dads who find the perfect surrogate for their child, but learn she comes with some baggage, namely her conservative Nana. The show is peppered with acting all-stars like Ellen Barkin (Drop Dead Gorgeous), and Justin Bartha (The Hangover) , and up-and-coming reality tv star turned actress, NeNe Leakes (Real Housewives of Atlanta and Glee). Over-hyped and over-the-top The New Normal failed to keep my interest past the pilot, but maybe it’s worth tuning back in to.

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