Dating Your Daughter (Not in Some Creepy Woody Allen-Type Way)

The dating age is probably the least anticipated time in a father’s life.  Every dad, who has a daughter, will reach this point someday.  And I’m pretty certain it is one of the first things a dad thinks of when he hears the words, “it’s a GIRL!”  Well, it was for me.

The dating age seems to be the point where you are no longer number one in your daughter’s heart.  That can be heartbreaking for a dad!  And it can lead to competing for her heart to protect her from potentially bad and hurtful situations.

Whose hands will hold her heart?

If all of her relationships in the future will be perfect for her, and all the boys will have her best interest in mind, then being number two (or lower) would not be a concern.  But we know that may not be the case, primarily from our experience of being “that guy.”

So, if your daughter’s heart was won by someone who does not have her best interest in mind, that can lead to a very hurtful and crucial competition.

Your daughter’s first dates (plural), not first date (singular)

Taking your daughter out on her first date is probably not a new idea.  However, it should not end with the first date.  Daddy-daughter dates should be a regular event.

The intent is to not just show her the “how-to” of dating, but to provide another avenue to build your daddy-daughter relationship.  A great way to do this is through dating your daughter early, and consistently.  Doing so will grow your relationship, and lessen the need to compete later.

5 Reasons Why You Should Date Your Daughter, Early and Consistently:

  1. Show her she is special to you.  We have three children and the times when any one of them have our complete undivided attention is very rare.  Someone always needs something or is talking when the other is talking.  When you make it a point to get away with your daughter, on a regular basis, she understands she is special to you.  If there comes a point in a future relationship where she realizes she is not special to them, it may not be as demoralizing because you have already shown that she is special to you.
  2. Create memory “pegs.”  If you are like me, then you may not remember everything from your childhood years.  There may be some things that stick out to you more than everything else.  Consistent time spent and dating will create moments that stand out for years to come.  These “pegs” can serve as a reference point when she interacts with other people…

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