Movie Review: Looper Was A Shocking Surprise!

It’s fair to say Looper wasn’t what I expected and I mean that in a good way. Sony very craftily left out an entire plot line in the Looper advertising, so the movie went in a completely different direction than I’d imagined. These days most movie surprises or plot twists are predictable and/or recycled from past successful movies, but Looper kept you guessing until the end.

I applaud Looper’s mastermind, Rian Johnson, and his ability to successfully articulate an original idea for a movie. So many of today’s films are remakes or sequels, I can’t help but wonder if Hollywood is running out of ideas. Jeff Daniel’s character, Abe, even makes a jab at the fact that all movies in the future are remakes and at this rate that’s probably true. Don’t get me wrong, it was confusing at times, well most times, but if you are able to stay focused you should be able to follow just fine. I highly recommend using the restroom before this movie starts, you can’t afford to miss a minute. There were also some issues with time travel, as there always are, but Johnson effectively kept the plot moving so you wouldn’t take the time to question any of the logic.

Hollywood’s biggest up-and -comer, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, easily stole the show with his uncanny younger Bruce Willis impersonation. He clearly did his homework in terms of picking up Willis’s mannerisms. The heavy face makeup was a bit weird at first, but it commendably made Levitt into a convincing young Willis. For the most part British actress, Emily Blunt, beautifully portrayed a hard ass yet devoted mother, but there were times I wasn’t convinced she was from middle America. Johnson created a movie that made you think and left you wanting to talk about it with someone. This was the first mind boggling, yet satisfying, thriller I’ve seen since Christopher Nolan’s Inception.
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