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"Questions Will Be Answered" On 'Prometheus' Blu-Ray, Promises Director Ridley Scott

HitFix is reporting that the upcoming Blu-Ray release of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus on October 9th will finally shed some light on the film’s murky mythology. When the Alien prequel was released this past June, many fans and critics were left with more questions than answers. The Blu-Ray release could provide some much appreciated closure to those viewers who found Prometheus visually thrilling but narratively inconsistent.

There will be two versions of the film available to purchase: a two-disc Blu-Ray boasting fifteen minutes of deleted scenes, and a whopping four-disc collector’s edition Blu-Ray set.

The four-disc set will include two audio commentaries by director Ridley Scott and co-writer Damon Lindelof, five making-of featurettes, alternate beginning and ending,  TV spots and trailers.

Cynical fans may question Scott’s claim that “questions will be answered.” After all, why bother to make and release a movie at all if you’re going to wait till the home video release to reveal the whole story? Then there’s the issue of the two-disc vs. four-disc set: which release will feature more answers? No doubt the same critics who accused Scott of resurrecting a dead movie franchise for crass commercial purposes will be none too pleased by this Blu-Ray release.

One wonders if perhaps any of the insight provided on the Blu-Ray will be substantiated by the already-announced sequel to the prequel, Prometheus 2.

Twentieth Century Fox is betting you’ll spend more money to find out.



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